Why is there condensation on my windows?

At Elegant Windows, we receive calls from customers who are worried about their windows steaming up – in other words, they have condensation forming. If this doesn’t go quickly or seems to be a regular occurrence, there are three main reasons for this happening. Keep reading to find out why it might be happening and what you can do about it.

Window Condensation

Firstly, and of the least concern, is external window condensation. If you are finding this forming on your windows, it is nothing to worry about. External window condensation happens when your double glazing is working at its best: it’s keeping the warm air of your home in and stopping this air from dropping to the same cool temperatures occurring outside.

Next, and simple to rectify, is internal window condensation. It is happening because the moisture inside your home – perhaps created by cooking, showering or hanging washing to dry in a room – is hitting the coldest point of contact, which is usually your window. It may also be due to poor ventilation. Either way, ensure you open your windows frequently to stop a condensation build-up through better airflow.

Lastly, and the type of condensation likely to require work to be done, is condensation between two panes of glass. This is indicative of your double glazing unit no longer functioning properly. It is also most likely to occur in older units, and Elegant Windows can offer an efficient glass replacement service to end this issue for you. However, if your windows are fairly new, it may be that poor fitting is the cause and that holes were left around the window seals, allowing a moisture build-up. Additionally, your condensation here could be due to chemical damage. This can break down the sealant of a window, leaving it susceptible to water seepage. This damage is usually caused by harsh solvents, oil-based cleaning products or even washing up liquid if you have cleaned with that! Whatever the issue, Elegant Windows has a staff of reliable, experienced and skilled window fitters who will be able to come and help. And our double glazed units will give you peace of mind with our 5 year guarantee. Problem solved!

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