Roof lanterns are one of the most modern roof systems available on the market today. We offer these as part of a retrofit service, whereby we replace your extensions existing roof system with one of these innovative new ones. Visually, they can totally transform the look of an extension or orangery, while also enhancing its performance levels tenfold.

A Brighter Home

Our roof lanterns are engineered to a specific pitch. This is to allow more natural light into the extension, helping it feel warmer and airier. This can help the extension or orangery feel more spacious. Despite the increased sunlight, you’re still protected, thanks to innovative solar glare technology.

Thermally Efficient

A chambered profile and modern glazing work in harmony to ensure our roof lanterns are impressively thermally efficient. This means that you can enhance the thermal performance of your extension by replacing the existing roof. More heat retention allows you to make the most of the room during winter.

Retrofit Function

Roof lanterns can be fitted to existing orangeries, extensions and any other flat-roofed architecture. This means you can give an extension a new lease of life or brighten up a kitchen that might feel dark and old. You can completely transform your Swindon home by having one of our roof lanterns retrofitted.


If you have an old conservatory roof fitted to your home, then the roof may have begun to leak over time. Our roof lanterns are completely watertight, thanks to innovative weather seals and trickle vents. They ensure that all water is filtered away from the roof, while also ensuring nothing can seep through.

Strong & Secure

Installing one of our roof lanterns is a superb way of improving the rigidity and security of the extension. The robust frame will protect your home against both adverse weather and against unwanted intruders. With this, you have complete peace of mind that you’re safe from the worst when you have one fitted.

Low Maintenance

Despite such a plethora of benefits, roof lanterns need very little maintenance to look their best. This means you’ll spend less time up a ladder and more time doing the things you’d enjoy. All they really need is a light wipe with a cloth and for any debris to be removed from surface of the roof lantern.

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Why Choose Elegant?

1 - Fair Prices

We don’t believe in charging over the odds for our home improvement products. With this, our roof lantern replacement service could be much more affordable than you first thought. Here at Elegant, we regularly scout the market around us here in Swindon. This ensures our prices are always competitive. What’s more, our quotes are always comprehensive, with no hidden fees.

2 - Accredited Installers

As a business, we are supported by both Checkatrade and Certass for our work across Wiltshire. The latter ensure that our customer service and support is of an exemplary standard. If you're somehow still unsure about whether or not we're the right installer for you, then take a look at our positive Checkatrade reviews from homeowners just like yourself.

3 - Professional Service

We take pride in delivering a personal service to all our customers. We feel like we can empathise with local homeowners better, being a business founded and based right here in Swindon. As a result, your needs are completely cared for, treating you as an individual in the process. We ensure that having your home renovated is as stress and hassle free as possible.


Our roof lanterns are available in a wide array of different colours, with each system made bespoke to order. This means you can create a lantern roof that will unify with the rest of your home, delivering sleek and stunning aesthetics.

You can also choose from a wide range of length variations, meaning your roof lantern can perfectly fit whatever size orangery or extension you currently have. If you’d like a quote for one of these roof systems, drop us a message to get a free quote.

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We also have an online quoting engine here at Elegant, which you can use to get free estimated prices for any of our windows and doors. If you’re looking to complete multiple renovations with us, then use it today to get instant prices for some of our other products.

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