Aluminium bifold doors are the most modern and innovative back door option on the market today. They are the perfect option for a forward-thinking homeowner here in Swindon. Operating on an inline slider, these doors instead fold as they open, sitting neatly at either end. This improves performance while also delivering subtly, striking aesthetics.

Slim Sightlines

Aluminium is a much more robust material than uPVC or wood. With this, the profile can be made slimmer, while still providing the same level of rigidity, if not more. Using slimmer sightlines allows wider double glazed panels, allowing even more natural light into the home than ever before.

Energy Efficiency

These doors come with either double or triple glazing, allowing them to create a gap between you and the cold air outside. What’s more, the framework of these doors is thermally broken, creating layered chambers within the framework that work in a similar way.

High Performance Slider

Aluminium bifold doors operate on a very similar slider to our patio doors. With this, it is of the same high quality, promising ease of operation for all. Even if you choose a wide six or seven panel bifold, you’ll never struggle to open it or have any long term problems including stickiness or jarring.

Longer Lasting

Among its many benefits, aluminium has a superb inherent lifespan. This means our aluminium bifold doors can realistically last for up to 20 years before showing signs of wear and tear. You get better value for money and more usage out of your doors when you choose aluminium bi-folds.

Superb Visuals

Aluminium bifold doors are visually stunning in design. The aesthetics they deliver significantly better aesthetics than other back door alternatives, whether they’re closed, open fully or somewhere in between. When fitted to a conservatory or orangery, they quickly become the focal point of the room.


Each of our aluminium bifold doors are fitted with high quality gaskets and weather brushes, with the latter drastically improving weatherproofing. This ensures your home is completely protected against adverse weather, including strong rainfall and winds. You’ll never be affected by weather damage.

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Our aluminium bifold doors are available with a broad array of different customisation options. Homeowners can choose the configuration, colour, hardware and accessories of their new bi-folds. This allows you to create a stunning, bespoke set of external doors.

Use the clever tool above to see what our stunning bi-fold doors look like in some of our favourite colour options. You can get a better look at what our aluminium bifold doors look like in other colours besides the traditional grey offered as default.

Why Choose Elegant?

1 - Quality Products

We only source our products from the industry’s top suppliers. This means our aluminium bifold doors outperform the competition, offering better performance levels across the board. With this, your Swindon home benefits from enhanced standards of thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation and home security. We don’t compromise here at Elegant.

2 - Environmentally Aware

As part of our work towards a greener future, we work as supporters of the Environmental Agency. With this, we regularly recycle excess uPVC and glazed units from our installations. We acknowledge that as home improvement specialists, our industry can often be scrutinised for being harmful to the environment. We are hoping to be part of a group that bucks that trend.

3 - No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe in stinging our customers with nasty hidden fees. After all, it’s the loyal service of customers living local to us that have helped our business grow into what it is now. As a result, our quotes are fully comprehensive, covering both installation and supply of our aluminium bifold doors. What’s more, our prices are also fair and competitive, and always will be.

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