Why should I choose new windows from Elegant

To many people, a window may seem to be just a window. However, there are many types of windows and it’s important to find a company that makes them using only the highest quality materials – that’s where we at Elegant Windows come in.

Here’s our top five reasons why we are the best choice for your next windows:

Advanced Locking Systems

Security is always a big consideration when it comes to selecting your windows, which makes sense when your peace of mind is invaluable! Our windows have specialist locking systems that guarantee you a secure and safe fit: for example, they have a patented bolt that prevents any sideways movement. This is great for reinforcing the window for a more secure fit and prevents intruders from getting in. There are also plenty of additional features available to tailor the windows to your security needs.


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Egress Hinges

It may seem obvious that windows come with hinges, but an Egress hinge is an exemplary product. Their sliding function makes the windows easy to operate. The hinge options of the Egress help protect your family in case of fire as they enable the window to open at a full 90-degree angle. Such an ability to open also makes these windows much easier to clean on the inside and out! However, you can also opt to add a restrictor hinge to prevent the windows opening too far if you have anyone young or vulnerable in your home.

Long-Lasting Weatherproof Hardware

The hardware of these windows is tested for its incredible and durable performance. Our windows have superior weather performance that stops the cold weather from seeping into your home. Drafts and cold spots will be a thing of the past, therefore helping to eliminate problems like damp and mould. Our windows also come with trickle vents for ventilation as standard. Investing in our windows means investing in long term quality for your home!

Extensive colour range and handle options

We understand that the windows must be aesthetically pleasing – as well as durable and easy to use – in order for them to be a worthwhile purchase to enhance the feel of your home. This is why at Elegant Windows we offer you a vast array of colours and handle options. There is also the option to upgrade for the customisation of your windows to any colour you so desire so we can certainly help any homeowner find the right look for them!

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Our guarantee to you!

Last of all, our windows are registered with governing body Certass come with a 10 year guarantee. We are invested in your home and in you with reassurance. Enough said.

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