Sliding sash windows are the perfect renovation option if you live in an older property. An authentic replica of the vertical sliding windows of old, these profiles allow homeowners to renovate period buildings without compromising visually. Supplied by Spectus, they produce a profile that is a cut above, perfectly blending style and comfort.

Authentic Design

Our sliding sash windows have been designed to be almost indistinguishable when compared with the timber vertical sliders of old. Spectus achieve this by paying attention to the details, such as making the frame 128mm, the exact same as the wooden predecessors. They’re the perfect replica for your home.

Thermal Performance

Old sliding sash windows often came with single glazing and a subpar frame. Our uPVC models come with double glazing as standard and a chambered frame, ensuring they retain as much heat as possible. Your home will feel naturally warmer, with these frames achieving ‘A’ Window Energy Ratings.

No Risk of Injury

There’s no risk of hurting yourself when operating our modern sliding sash windows. They are fitted with spring balances, which prevent the vertical slider from slamming down when closing the window. With this, you and your family won’t trap your fingers, something which might’ve happened before with older frames.


Our sliding sash windows are fitted with weatherproofing enhancements to ensure they continue to perform in adverse weather, including wind as well as rain and snow. Advanced pile seals are fitted to the sash and outer frame, which prevent excessive draughts from passing through your home.

Accredited Profile

Don’t just take out word for it. Our Spectus sliding sash windows have been accredited for their performance. They adhere to the Kitemark BS EN 12608 scheme, and a certified to PAS 24. You can rely on our vertical sliders to deliver consistently high levels of heat retention, soundproofing and home security.

Long Lasting

By using uPVC for the framework, our sliding sash windows promise a long lasting performance as well as an excellent one. The weatherproof enhancements prevent the window from rotting as a wooden one would. What’s more, they’re easy to maintain, meaning they’ll always look their best.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Our sliding sash windows come with a host of customisation options for homeowners to choose from. As well as a range of authentic hardware and accessory choices, we offer some stunning colour finishes and decorative glazing options to customers across Swindon.

You can use the interactive tool above to customise one of our Spectus sliding sash windows. Choose one of our recommended colour finish options and one of our stunning frosted glazing options. You’ll get an accurate look at what your vertical sliders would eventually look like.

Why Choose Elegant Windows?

1 - Eco-Friendly

We are incredibly environmentally cautious here at Elegant Windows. As an industry that works with uPVC, we acknowledge that need to be eco-friendly wherever possible. With this, we are active supporters of the Environmental Agency, as a sign of our commitment and dedication to the cause. We regularly recycle uPVC profiles and glass sealed units.

2 - Professional Installations

Our skilled in-house team of installers blend industry knowhow with exemplary service for the perfect product fitting. Your sliding sash windows can be installed quicker and more efficiently. They will take a duty of care to remove any and all waste from your property, ensuring it’s left as clean as it was before. We will recycle all waste where we can when disposing of the rubbish.

3 - Tailored Builds

All our home improvement products are made bespoke to order. This means that each of our high quality windows and doors are tailored to you and the needs of your home. You get full control over the design of your sliding sash windows, choosing from a range of colours, accessories and enhancements. With this, you can create a truly unique profile.


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You’re also welcome to get hold of us and request quotes over the phone. To do so, you can leave your personal details and specifications on our online form, and we’ll reach out to you. You can also ring us directly on 01793 674585.

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