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Stable doors make for a fantastic addition to any Swindon home, whether they’re installed as a front or back door alternative. They’re both multifunctional and stunning in design, making them a superb addition for any home style of home. Crafted from uPVC, our stable doors are manufactured using Profile 22’s high quality frames, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

Improved Ventilation

Stable doors are excellent for improving the ventilation in your home. If installed as a back door alternative, you’ll be able to open the top panel, allowing natural breeze to flow through your home during summer. Never again will it feel overly stuffy or muggy during the warmer months.

No Safety Concerns

A big benefit of the two-panelled system is ensuring your home remains secure while still being ventilated and airy. You’ll be able to leave the bottom panel closed, thus making your home less vulnerable. It also prevents pets and young children from having free access to your garden.

Thermally Efficient

Our stable doors come with a thermally efficient core, which ensures it retains plenty of heat during winter. With this, they can help the other windows and doors in your house to keep your home at the optimal temperature, even when the heating is on lower. They are the perfect modern door.

Fire Resistant

The core fitted to each of our Profile 22 stable doors is fire resistant. This ensures that the door can still be used as a safe means of exit, in the unlikely event of a house fire. With this, they make for a reassuring addition to the home, giving you and your family complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Our stable doors require very little upkeep once the installation has been completed. Instead, they’ll only need a light, irregular dusting with a cloth, with particular attention to the moving components. The colour finish will never need to be varnished or re-finished, thanks to fade-proofing.

Unified Designs

Our uPVC stable doors as supplied by the same manufacturer as our entrance doors and our uPVC windows. With this, the designs can be unified alongside other renovations you make with us at Elegant. This will leave your home look sleek and stylish, with all your windows and doors matching.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Our stable doors are available with an array of customisation options for you to choose from. With each door made bespoke, you can provide us with your tailored colour, accessory and hardware specifications, leaving you with a unique product.

If you’d like to see what our uPVC profile looks like customised to your tastes, use the tool above. You can choose from a range of our favourite colour finishes, as well as some stunning decorative glazing options. There’s something for everyone!

Why Choose Elegant Windows?

1 - Fair Prices

We take pride in consistently ensuring that our products are priced fairly and competitively. We keep an eye on the market around us in Wiltshire, making sure we aren’t charging over the odds. With this, our stable doors could be much more affordable than you first though. What’s more, the quote you receive will be comprehensive, ensuring its accurate to the final cost.

2 - Range of Products

We offer a broad range of external doors here at Elegant. This means, if our stable doors aren’t to your tastes, we have a range of alternatives available for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a front door, a composite or uPVC entrance door might suffice. If you’re looking for an alternative back door, we have patio, bi-fold and French doors.

3 - Accredited Installers

We are backed by several renowned accreditors for our work here in Swindon. We are backed by Certass and Checkatrade, while also being supporters of other schemes. With the former, we are regularly assessed to ensure that our standard of customer service is up to scratch. They also approve our workmanship standards and the thermal efficiency of our products.


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We are also happy to provide estimated quotes for our products over the phone. Simply leave your details on our contact form, and we’ll reach out to you. You can also request a stable door quote by calling us direct on 01793 674585.


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