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What is the difference between patio doors & French doors? In the industry, we are used to knowing the differences, but this article aims to inform you so that you can make the best choice for your home.
Whilst they are both great options, the main difference between French doors and sliding patio doors is the way they open. French doors are double doors that swing on hinges, whereas sliding patio doors slide on a track – one door on top of the other.
This may seem like a very superficial difference, but it gives these doors their own sets of pros and cons.
How to make your choice:

How would you like your door to open?
French doors generally open outwards as standard, but you can always get them installed to open inwards. Patio doors, on the other hand, slide open on tracks one door over the other. Since both can be large doors, which one you should choose should be partly about the space they’ll open out on to.
If you have room to leave a large swing arc clear for opening the doors, then French doors will allow you to open up the whole doorway. These doors can be a design feature in themselves. However, if you are short of space, then you might want to consider sliding patio doors. They benefit from being able to be manufactured to larger widths, however they lack in how wide they can be opened compared to French doors.


Will the doors be exposed to frequent strong winds?
If you have a swinging exterior door in a place where it might get quite windy, you will need to ensure that a French open door doesn’t slam shut, especially if there are young children or pets running around by the doors.
With French doors, like all swinging doors, you do run the risk of the door slamming. However, Elegant Windows can offer you safety restrictors which will limit the damage a strong breeze might cause as they are designed to stop the door going back beyond ninety-degrees. On the other hand, patio door – as they are sliding doors – are not affected by the wind at all.
If your home is protected from strong gusts of wind, then nothing you may prefer French doors for the elegant appearance. However, while French doors are stylish, a graceful sliding patio door might be a better, safer option if your property is vulnerable to strong winds.

Would you like to be able to have partial opening?
At certain times of the year, or when you’re cooking if this is to be a kitchen back door, having a door cracked open so you have air circulating but not open wide enough to make the room cold may appeal to you. In this case, with double glazed sliding patio doors, you can control the opening better. However, if this is not a concern, or you know you want the doors to have them wide open, then French doors will work nicely – they provide an aperture as wide as two doors!


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What size door are you interested in?
Replacing a wall with a glass door instantly floods a room with natural light and can really aid you in enjoying your view. A well-lit room looks bigger and more welcoming, making it perfect for entertaining and relaxing alike.
However, if you are thinking about French doors with an overly wide entrance, you will need to have a large amount of space for them to open. While these doors also work well for smaller openings, sliding patio doors might be a better option for larger than standard-sized apertures. This is because no matter how wide you want your doors to be, they will simply glide on their tracks without the need for a clear area of space around them.

What next?
Now you understand the differences between French doors and patio doors, you have hopefully decided which is best for your home. And at this point, you might also be wondering which one will fit your budget better.
While the individual door prices vary according to your specifications, you can get a quick estimate using our online quote calculator. Just put in your measurements and contact details, and Elegant Windows will email you a no obligation quotation – simple!

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