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Your Blunsdon home could be transformed with new uPVC windows, and we can come and install them for you. With high-quality double glazing, promising comfort and privacy, the uPVC frames will renew your home and give it a new burst of life. The materials we use are from industry-leading suppliers, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Stay Warm:

With great market-leading technology in our uPVC double glazed windows, you can be sure to have a more enjoyable home with its ability to hold the heat inside, saving you money on your heating bills. Our profiles will retain the heat so those Winter nights will not be so costly.

Stay in Style:

Every home is different, which is why we make sure to adapt our designs to you. We can offer you a range of uPVC windows, including tilt and turn, casement and more. There are multiple options for you so you can personalise the windows to your own home and make it stand out.

Stay safe:

We all want to add some additional security to our homes, and here at Elegant, we can offer it within our window profiles. The materials are designed to be strong and difficult to break. One of the features which increases security is a multi-point locking mechanism providing that additional comfort for you and your family so that you can relax.

Make it what YOU want:

It’s your home, and we want you to be able to customise its windows as much as you can. We can offer a range of coloured uPVC windows as well as different woodgrain foils providing you with a range of options. You can even design your window from our available options during our quote process!

Stay with Quality:

Your home is important to us, and we make sure we use only the best materials when helping you transform it. Elegant use market-leading suppliers to make sure of the best quality when we install the uPVC windows so we can create the best result for you.

Stay Trusting:

Trust is key. We know that and if you are worried, check out our Checkatrade profile. We have years of experience behind us and know the importance of trusting who will be making changes to your home. If you have any concerns or questions, we can help.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

white cream chartwell-green agate-grey anthracite-grey anthracite-grey-foiled slate anteak light-oak irish-oak mahogany Rosewood black-brown
clear autumn casement-autumn-cutout casement-chantilly-cutout casement-charcoal-sticks-cutout casement-contora-cutout casement-cotswold-cutout casement-digital-cutout casement-everglade-cutout casement-flemish-cutout casement-florielle-cutout casement-mayflower-cutout casement-minster-cutout casement-oak-cutout casement-pelerine-cutout casement-stippolyte-cutout casement-sycamore-cutout casement-taffeta-cutout casement-warwick-cutout


For a more up-to-date aesthetic, the unique bevelled edge of the chamfered style offers a sleek design.


For more detailing and a beautiful decorative finish and opt for our sculptured frames.

Flush Sash

Flush designs refer to the sash and the outer frame being level with each other. Replicate a classic style today.

Window Hardware


The button sits flush in the handle.


Additional key locking for enhanced security.

Push To Release

The button needs to be pushed to release the locking system.


Opt for their both left or right-hand operation with our sculptured cranked handle.

Corrosion Resistant

Achieves the BSEN1690 salt and ammonia resistance test.

Colour Coded

Screw and button cover caps.

uPVC Windows Blunsdon

Double Glazed Window Benefits

sliding sash uPVC windows Blunsdon
Sliding Sash Windows

Getting one of our sliding sash uPVC windows is an excellent way of revitalising an older building while keeping the history there. Our sliding sash uPVC windows come automatically double glazed.

tilt and turn upvc windows Blunsdon
Tilt and Turn

If you’re looking for a modern option, then tilt and turn style uPVC windows might be the way to go. They are the easiest to maintain when looking at options for uPVC windows as they can be cleaned with ease.

casement upvc windows blunsdon
Casement windows

The frontrunner style for double glazed windows, Casement windows will cover everything you need and can be customised to you with options for your profile, including the number of panels.

flush casement upvc windows blunsdon
Flush casement windows

Looking to keep your Blunsdon home traditional? This uPVC window style is perfect. With little to no upkeep, you can have this period look for your home.

customise upvc windows blunsdon

You can create a bespoke design for your window, making yours unique to you! You can see all of our options when completing a quote so you can make your uPVC windows truly your own and compliment your home in the best way possible.

flush casement timber windows blunsdon

The rainy seasons won’t be a problem for you with our weatherproof uPVC windows. No need to worry about mould, leaks or floods as our profiles here at Elegant protects from the elements.


uPVC Windows Benefits

Here at Elegant, we offer high-quality windows which we can adapt to your needs and design choices.

Our sliding sash windows feature spring balances which prevent slamming and potentially trapping fingers. They also make sure heat will be retained.

Our tilt and turn windows are designed with a multipoint locking system. This reduces vulnerabilities so you and your family can sit safe and sound with no need to worry. The ventilation can be controlled entirely as they can be tilted from the top or the side.

Casement style windows are double glazed they have excellent performance in regards to heat retention. Elegant also offer flush style casement uPVC windows. They even have fire egress hinges meaning the profiles could be used as an emergency escape. They have a clean-cut finish. With the flush design, they create a sleek final look.

Not only that but all profiles are designed to be robust against the weather. This means you’ll have long-lasting, stunning uPVC windows for your home in Blunsdon.



uPVC Windows Blunsdon

Want to see what we can offer you? Use our online quote tool, and you can design a bespoke window for your Blunsdon home and find out our competitive prices.

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