With the UK housing market as unstable as it has ever been, people are making home improvements rather than moving house.


Home improvements are popular, as they add more space and can boost the equity of your home.

The average price of an extension on a single-storey house is £60,000, and moving home can be a whole lot more.


You should weight up the best option for you and your family.


Before you go ahead and extend your home, you will need to apply for planning permission. This can be a lengthy process and your plans may even be rejected.


If you cannot afford to build an extension, then a conservatory may be the next best option for you.


Planning Permission Rules


Conservatories usually cost a fraction of that of an extension. Conservatories are ‘permitted developments’ so you do not have to apply for planning permission. There are some rules, however, that you need to follow, including:


  • The conservatory is single storey
  • The height of the conservatory is a maxim of 4 metres and does not exceed the height of the original building
  • There are restrictions on how much it will extend out from the house. This is especially the case when the extension is on the side of the home
  • When the conservatory is to the rear of your property it must not extend beyond 3 metres
  • If you want to add a conservatory to a listed building then you will need consent before you go ahead
  • Planning permission is needed for conservatories at the front of houses


You will need to get in touch with your local planning team to see if you will need planning permission.


Double Glazing


When looking for a conservatory with double glazing, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors can tell you all that you need to know.


Conservatories are also exempt from Building Regulations providing that:


  • They are built at ground level
  • They have a floor area of 30 metres squared or less
  • They have at least half of the wall glazed
  • At least three-quarters of the roof is glazed
  • Doors are installed on a conservatory to separate it from the house
  • All glazing and electrics in conservatories follows Building Regulation requirements.


A conservatory will make your home look good and will also add value to it. When it comes to double glazing, Swindon firms can offer advice on how you can elevate your home.


You should always use a double glazing firm that you can trust and that will provide a service that you can rely on.


If you want to invest in the best double glazing, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors are waiting to take your call and put your plan into action.


We can accommodate most budgets and will work with you in order to provide the best solution for your home.